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A decade ago, delicate gold jewelry was only limited to high-end stores and luxury brands. However, open Instagram today, and you'll find hands stacked with slim rings or ears dotted with elegant studs. The y2k trend of giant lucite rings has been replaced by more timeless and sophisticated jewelry pieces. This shift in the jewelry landscape can be attributed to direct-to-consumer brand Mejuri.

Founded by Noura Sakkijha, Mejuri faced the changing jewelry landscape head-on. With a career path in industrial engineering, Sakkijha started making jewelry as a hobby but realized quickly that expensive luxury brands or inexpensive costume pieces from trend-based retailers weren't cutting it. She instead looked to her family-operated jewelry business back home, making Mejuri a mom-and-pop affair.

Today, Mejuri is an inescapable plastered across billboards dotting Lower Manhattan, ads with recent imagery included models like Binx Walton and Christy Turlington shot by photographer Shaniqwa Jarvis. The brand means business when it comes to staying relevant in the fashion world people born after 1980 are devoted to self-gifting accessible-priced earrings and rings in fashion terms that feel very tasteful.

Get Inspired to Elevate Your Instagram Feed's Theme!

It's time to put your best foot forward and take your Instagram game up a notch! Don't forget that your feed is the first impression people have of you and your brand, so it's essential to make it visually appealing. One way to do this is by incorporating trendy Instagram feed themes that align with your personality and style.

To create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing feed, consider using image overlay tools like Canva or Unfold. These apps allow you to layer text, graphics, and filters over your photos to create a unique look that stands out in a sea of content. From minimalist black and white themes to bold and colorful patterns, there are endless options for creating an Instagram feed that reflects your individuality. So don't be afraid to experiment and get creative with different styles until you find one that perfectly represents you.

Acquire a Sked Start by Sampling with a Complimentary Trial

Acquire a Sked start by Sampling with a Complimentary Trial. Sked is an all-in-one platform free to use for 7 days, and it offers full access to its services during that time. Acquiring a Sked account is absolutely easy, and it's the perfect tool for creating visual marketing plans on Instagram. Take advantage of the complimentary trial and see for yourself how much easier scheduling your feed can be with Sked!

Instagram Feed Idea #1: Determine Your Instagram Aesthetic

One of the great Instagram feed ideas that winning brands and influencers stick to is determining their unique aesthetic. To start, edit photos with brightness, contrast, saturation, and exposure adjustments to ensure a cohesive look. Edits aren't random for successful Instagrammers; instead, they choose filters that align with their brand's identity.

Person Holding Iphone Showing Social Networks Folder

Sked's built-in image editor makes it easy to apply filters, add text, stickers, frames, and special effects to your photos. Getting started is as simple as logging into your Sked account and clicking the red "Create Post" button in the top left corner. Select "Photo/Video" from the dropdown and add your image. Then click on the pencil icon in the photo editor to access Sked's powerful image editor.

Once you've achieved your desired look and added captions, user location or product tagging if applicable, it's time to schedule Instagram posts or stories. In Sked's publishing process, click "Save" on the blue save button in the bottom right corner. For an in-depth guide on how to schedule Instagram posts and stories using Sked's platform, sign up for our free trial today!

1. Minimalist

A popular Instagram feed idea gaining traction in the design world is minimalistic style. This theme enables an organized presentation of visual content, with a feed featuring clean and crisp photos showcasing designer-made pieces. A stunning Instagram feed can tell your brand story, and Sked Social can help keep your feed growing with this trend.

2. Bold and Vibrant

If you want to make your Instagram feed stand out, then pay attention to having a vibrant feed with bold and bright color schemes. Having a fun cheerful feed can attract new followers and keep your 881000 followers engaged. A promising career on Instagram starts with revealing bold and vibrant photos. Need some inspiration for vibrant Instagram feed ideas? Check out successful influencers' feeds for some tips!

3. Monochrome

Monochrome feeds have a timeless appeal to them. They bring out the classic personality of your Instagram profile and add an extra oomph to your posts. If you want to make a statement with your Instagram, then a monochrome theme is definitely worth considering. Keep reading for tips on how to create the perfect monochrome feed!

4. Pastel

Instagrammers love pastel-themed feeds! There's something about the soft, candy-colored minimalism that makes our hearts skip a beat. If you're looking for Instagram feed ideas revolving around pastels, you're in luck. One influencer who's doing a great job of it is @pastels_and_passports, whose 232,000+ followers can't get enough of his stunning content menu. With just a bit of minimalist magic and some clever color coordination, you too can create an Instagram aesthetic that stands out from the crowd.

Get Creative with Words on your Instagram Feed

Do you want to spice up your Instagram feed? Well, there are many ways to do so! One way is to add text to your images upload. You can use the built-in image editor and select the text icon to add motivational quotes, inspiring messages, or even your own thoughts.

Another idea is to feature quotes from non-profit organizations or other brands' messages that align with your values. This not only adds variety to your content menu but also shows that you care about more than just directly promoting yourself. It's a win-win situation!

Lastly, don't be afraid to play around with font size, color, and placement. Entrepreneurs have solved their marketing woes by using free marketing strategies tutorials found online. By doing this, they've gained an edge over their competitors and have created a unique feed that stands out from the typical travel food or lifestyle niche posts. So get creative and let your feed speak for itself!

Enhance Your Instagram Feed with Consistent Borders

Are you tired of scrolling through your Instagram feed and feeling like it lacks a certain cohesion? One easy way to enhance your Instagram feed is to add consistent borders to your posts. By doing so, you can make your feed standout and create a more visually pleasing experience for your followers.

Selective Focus Photography of Person Holding Turned on Smartphone

There are many common border themes to choose from, such as a simple white border or more intricate designs. By using the same border on every post, you can create a consistent aesthetic that ties everything together. Not only will this make your feed look more polished, but it also shows that you put thought and effort into your content. So why not take the extra step to enhance your Instagram feed with consistent borders? Your followers will thank you for it!

1. White borders

Have you ever noticed Instagram feeds with a consistent white border theme? Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing, but it also helps evenly space out the pictures on your feed. If you're interested in achieving this look, simply open Skeds Image Editor and select the frame option to add a white border to your pictures. Whether you're sharing photos of your travels or a relaxing natural bath, the white border theme is sure to make your feed stand out.

2. Rectangular borders

Rectangular borders are an easy and effective way to enhance your Instagram feed. While rectangular photos aren't as common, they can create a unique look and add white space around your images for a more polished appearance. By adding borders to your photos, you can make them stand out and give viewers an enhanced experience that is both visually appealing and easy to navigate. So why not try adding some borders to your next batch of photos?

3. Mixed White Borders

Are you tired of the same old Instagram feed? Why not try mixing things up with mixed white borders! Adding white spaces between your photos creates a unique and one-of-a-kind feed that naturally draws in viewers. Plus, adjusting your photos size to fit these white borders is just business 101. So spice up your content menu today and give mixed white borders a try!

Enhance Your Instagram Feed with Eye-Catching Illustrations

Are you tired of posting product photos on your Instagram feed? It's time to spice things up a bit! Instead of only posting varied photos, why don't you create product illustrations that will give your followers a surprising twist. The Spanish artist Ignasi Monreal has set an example for this. He created 80 illustrations for Gucci's ready-to-wear products, which features Rome Renaissance paintings, medieval alchemy, and the Spanish era.

Stallion grazing in pasture on farmland in summer

One interesting twist is using product illustrations in your content menu like McDonald's Singapore did. They created images of people on-the-go jogging track while enjoying breakfast meals and even featured a man breathing fire to add some excitement to their spicy chicken McNuggets. This is not just a great tactic for fast-food companies but could also apply to beauty, fashion or any other industry that wants to showcase its products in a fun way.

Illustrations are an excellent way to make your Instagram feed more visually appealing and stand out from the crowd. Not everyone can be a professional illustrator, but there are many free online tools available that can help you create beautiful designs without any artistic skills. So start incorporating illustrations into your Instagram posts today and get ready to see the positive impact it has on your engagement and follower count!

Instagram Feed Idea #8: Create Videos That Tell Stories

We all know that people post photos on Instagram to earn followers' hearts. But have you ever thought about creating creative short videos? Videos are the latest type of content that is beating engagement records on this social media platform. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, but Instagram videos can make stories that words and photos can't.

According to NewsWhip, the average engagements of photos increased by 464 percent while video posts increased by 53 percent in just one year. It's evident that videos beat engagement metrics on Instagram, as comments drove more interactions for posts with videos than those without them. If you're looking for some Instagram inspiration, then look no further than Zach King – the guy who can shrink and turn into laundry or make a kitten don't disappear in thin air. His feed filled with creative videos with great visual effects and cleverly edited videos led him to gain 209 million followers!

Brands learn from Zach's success by creating storylines with an unexpected twist that captures viewers' attention. By making their brand message part of the video concept and featuring it as the main character or an essential element, brands can use their voice creatively to stand out from competitors. So next time when you're planning your content menu for your Instagram feed, try to think outside the box and create storylines with an unexpected twist back to your brand message!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bold and vibrant Instagram feed?

A bold and vibrant Instagram feed is one that uses bright colors, high-contrast images, and bold typography to create an eye-catching aesthetic. It often features a cohesive theme or color palette to make the feed visually appealing and engaging for followers.

How to make an Instagram feed for your business?

To create an Instagram feed for your business, start by choosing a consistent aesthetic and theme. Make sure to post high-quality content regularly, engage with your audience, and use relevant hashtags to increase visibility.

What are the most popular Instagram aesthetics?

The most popular Instagram aesthetics include minimalist, vintage, bohemian, and dark academia. These aesthetics are characterized by a certain style of photography, color schemes, and overall mood that appeal to many users on the platform.

How do I keep my Instagram feed consistent?

To keep your Instagram feed consistent, stick to a theme, use the same filters and editing techniques, and post at regular intervals. It's also important to engage with your audience and stay true to your brand or personal style.

What is a color-coordinated Instagram feed theme?

A color-coordinated Instagram feed theme is when all the photos on your Instagram profile follow a specific color scheme or palette, creating a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing look. It's a popular trend among influencers and businesses to enhance their online presence and attract more followers.

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