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Audrey Hepburn will always remain one of the most iconic style icons of all time. Her chic and classy look has inspired countless fashion trends over the years, from little black dresses to pearl necklaces. If you’re looking for an Audrey Hepburn-style piece for your wardrobe, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you want something for a special occasion or an everyday look, here’s where to buy Audrey Hepburn dresses.

Vintage thrift stores offer authentic vintage pieces that channel Audrey Hepburn's timeless style. Look for swing styles like pleated skirts and full circle dresses that match her classic look. You can also try searching on eBay or Etsy for vintage clothing sellers who specialize in retro Hollywood styles. For a more modern take on Audrey's wardrobe, you can find chic designs at designer stores like Gucci, Prada, and Balenciaga or online brands like ASOS and Modcloth who have adapted her iconic looks into looks that fit today's fashion trends. Whether it’s a shirt dress or an A-line midi dress, you’ll definitely find something worthy of the Breakfast at Tiffany’s star.

If you don’t mind splurging a bit more for a designer piece, there are even Audrey Hepburn-inspired collections from iconic designers like Oscar de la Renta and Dior among others. Many stylish celebrities have been spotted in couture pieces inspired by her signature looks—a beautiful coverup for springtime dress up or an exquisite full gown for formal occasions—to create a luxurious touch wherever they go.

For more budget-friendly options that still replicate her classic style, check out fast fashion brands like Topshop and H&M who are always inspired by classic fashion icons each season with affordable prices tags too. There's something special about wearing clothing worn by such glamorous stars that celebrates the feminine mystique without sacrificing comfort and style. So whether it’s finding those perfect big sunnies or just the right pair of loafers to finish off your look, with all these stores you'll be able to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn in no time!

Where can I buy an Audrey Hepburn-inspired dress?

If you have always dreamed of looking like the iconic style icon Audrey Hepburn, you are in luck. With the click of a button and a few simple steps, you can achieve the perfect Hepburn-inspired look.

For many years – especially amongst young women and fashionistas alike – Hepburn’s timeless style has been idolized and emulated; and it's easy to find out how to dress in her signature look. One of the most striking features of Hepburn’s ensembles was her relaxed fit dresses.

You can find these elegantly restrained designs at stores such as ASOS, Topshop, Banana Republic, ModCloth and For Elyse. Each store offers hundreds of options when it comes to Hepburn inspired pieces that give an elegant nod to the style icon while keeping up with the current trends in fashion.

You have choices from swing shift dresses and off-the-shoulder tops to full length gowns and fitted sheath designs made from breathable materials either cotton or silk that hug your body ever so perfectly. Some pieces come replete with some chic details such as crisscross straps at the back or a keyhole cutout at the neckline adding even more femininity for added effect.

So if you’re looking for a piece that celebrates Audrey Hepburn’s legacy, you are sure to find something perfect for any occasion at one of these above mentioned retailers. With dozens of options on offer, your search is sure to be a successful one!

Who sells Audrey Hepburn-inspired clothing?

Audrey Hepburn has become an iconic fashion muse for many aspiring fashionistas. Today, her timeless style and sophisticated elegance continue to inspire fashion-forward clothing designs from all around the world.

Fashion retailer ModCloth showcases an extensive collection of Audrey Hepburn-inspired clothing, from chic dresses and swing coats to throws and accessories. Whether you’re looking for a classic little black dress or a fit and flare pair of trousers, you can easily find it in ModCloth’s dedicated Audrey Hepburn collection.

Urban Outfitters also carries some stunning Audrey Hepburn-inspired pieces with its Reformation X Audrey Hepburn line. This exclusive collaboration with Reformation celebrates the Hollywood starlet’s timeless life moments – ranging from romance to the big screen – incorporating both edgy and elegant elements into each piece. The line features sophisticated blouses and trousers, as well as a range of vintage-inspired dresses that look straight out of the 1950s.

Another great choice for those seeking stylish Audrey Hepburn-style clothing is ASOS Design, which offers a unique selection of vintage silhouettes reflecting her classic style on everything from outerwear to gingham midi dresses. The classy pieces in this collection let you channel your inner Audrey in a very budget friendly way – with all items ranging between $50-$100 USD!

Are there any stores that stock Audrey Hepburn-style dresses?

Audrey Hepburn was a timeless movie star with iconic and classy style. Her fashion sense has been admired for decades, and so many of her fans are still looking for ways to emulate her look- especially when it comes to purchasing dresses!

While finding her exact style may be difficult, there are still stores that specialize in vintage or classic styles which can serve as a great resource. Boutiques like ModCloth carry a wide range of "Audrey Hepburn-style" clothing that would easily fit the aesthetic. ModCloth carries brands like Entro, Krasselye Collection, and Emma Street- all of which feature vintage-style dresses that look like they could have come straight from the movies.

Alternatively, those who are looking for more modern takes on Audrey's classy look might consider shopping at stores that specialize in formal occasions such as weddings or proms. Department stores often carry styles modelled after Audrey Hepburn's wardrobe; brands like Jovani and Lulu's feature designs inspired by classic looks. Stores such as ASOS also have an array of options for anyone wanting to recreate the late actress' iconic fashion style.

To sum up, there are plenty of stores where one can find Audrey Hepburn-style dresses! All it takes is a little bit of research to find the brands and boutiques that specialize in vintage or classic looks, or modern designs inspired by Hepburn's signature style.

What shops offer Audrey Hepburn-style dresses?

Audrey Hepburn-style dresses remain a timeless fashion staple, designed with elegance and sophistication in mind. With the growing popularity of vintage fashion, more shops than ever are offering these classic dresses. Whether you are looking for a replica of iconic Audrey Hepburn looks or going for a modern take on her style, here are some of the best shops to find Audrey Hepburn-style dresses.

For those looking to create their own unique vintage look, Wear Vintage is worth checking out. This online boutique offers a wide variety of true vintage pieces from the 1940s to the 1990s that range in prices and sizes. From teal fit and flare silk skirts to floral print cocktail dresses – Wear Vintage has it all.

ModCloth is another great option when searching for Audrey Hepburn-style dresses. This online store features their own original clothing designs such as linen full skirts, wide leg trousers and cotton two-piece dress sets – all reminiscent of classic Audrey Hepburn styles. They also offer some limited edition vintage finds that can easily become your signature look.

To find more traditional replicas of Audrey Hepburn looks, try Minnette’s Vintage Clothing and Gal Meets Glam Collection. Both stores have beautiful black satin sheath long evening gowns, elegant lace tops and romantic tulle skirts – perfect for your next formal event or special occasion! All these shops offer a great selection when it comes to Audrey Hepburn-style dresses and will surely help you create your own stylish look!

What stores have dress designs inspired by Audrey Hepburn?

Audrey Hepburn has been an icon of elegance and grace since the 1950s and it is no surprise that her influence continues to be seen in dress designs today. For those looking to capture Hepburn’s effortless chic, there are plenty of stores, both physical and online, offering styles inspired by the iconic actress.

The first place to look is J. Crew. Their Audrey collection is a range of timeless day-to-night dresses oozing with Hepburn’s sophisticated style. There are cap sleeve sheaths for the office, cocktail lace numbers for evening events, and modern dresses in prints such as gingham and leopard for weekends spent running errands or visiting family.

Zara is another great online option for stylish Audrey Hepburn-inspired design at wallet-friendly prices. Zara offers plenty of vintage-inspired looks in petite black dresses cut from quality fabrics, evergreen blouses with fashionably flared arms, or pleated knee-length skirts with buckle details similar to the actress’ famous Givenchy pieces No matter your budget or size Zara has an array of affordable yet signature styles you can’t find anywhere else.

For mix of affordability with designer sophistication head over to ASOS where you can find many iconic pieces inspired by Audrey Hepburn including slim & flattering LBD's similar to her classic scene in Breakfast at Tiffany's plus modern takes on some of her most memorable looks like a knee length slinky silhouette A-line dress reminiscent of the one she wore in Charade. All these styles will ensure you look sophisticated yet timeless wherever you go– just like Audrey herself!

Are there any online stores selling Audrey Hepburn-style dresses?

Yes, there are a few online stores selling Audrey Hepburn-style dresses. For starters, the most well known choice is probably the fashion brand Givenchy which had many of it’s dresses featured on the late actress. These vintage styled pieces were some of Hepburn’s most popular looks and they remain iconic to this day. Givenchy now offer a variety of Hepburn inspired pieces in their online store.

Another popular choice for those looking for an Audrey inspired dress is The Vintage Dancer. This online retailer reproduces some of her most iconic style selections with a few modern twists thrown in for good measure. Featuring Hepburn-inspired little black dresses, ball gowns, and unforgettable accessories that are sure to make any woman look graceful and chic!

For those after something more modern than vintage, Swank Martini could be the perfect fit. With its array of evening dresses that echo the classic elegance associated with old Hollywood icons like Audrey Hepburn, this store offers a stylish take on her classic look while bringing designer details and unique silhouettes to ensure that you feel like a star!

So as you can see there is something for every taste when it comes to sportying an Audrey Hepburn-style dress! Whether you are looking for classic vintage styles or modern updates this selection of stores has you covered in terms of dress designs and quality materials.

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