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If you’ve been paying attention to the Masked Singer, you might have noticed the mischievous and mysterious character called Jack in the Box. A puppet-like figure dressed in red, wearing a bell on their head, Jack is one of the most talked about characters in this popular show. But who is this enigmatic character?

Jack in the Box stands as a metaphor for secrets and curiosity. Each week they appear on stage to perform their own quirky version of popular songs for all to hear, but never revealing their identity or origin. Even though we can’t see under the mask, there are still clues being dropped throughout each episode that might suggest who it could be underneath.

Using the few hints that have been revealed thus far—the references to Popeye and crows—many have speculated that Jack in the Box is likely a well-known celebrity with some sort of connection to cartoons or animation; possibly an actor or comedian like Seth Green or Kevin Hart. Though only time will tell exactly who hides underneath all those layers!

Either way, one thing is certain: Jack in The Box has certainly made quite an impact with its ambiguous presence alone!

What celebrity is hidden behind the Jack in the Box costume on Masked Singer?

If you’ve been watching season 3 of Fox's popular singing competition show, The Masked Singer, then you know that one of the most tantalizing mysteries has been revealed – the identity of the hilarious Jack in the Box costume.

Many fans suspected who it was before it was officially revealed, but now we can announce that late night TV host and comedian Nick ‘Cannon is masked singer hidden behind Jack in the Box. Cannon proudly accepted his first costume removal on an October episode and cleared up months of mystery for fans all over.

Cannon’s surprising yet welcomed reveal brings another chapter to season three in a year already full of mysteries. Cannon had already served as the show's host since 2019; however, this marked his first time on stage as a contestant. Audiences have certainly enjoyed speculated over much longer costume reveals such as Night Angel, Turtle and more; however, knowing which celebrity is participating can definitely add to fans' excitement no matter how many times they've watched an episode!

Nick actually said there were a lot of clues so that "if people are really good at noticing details," they could find hints leading up to his reveal – such as when he sang songs like Beyoncé’s “Love on Top," Mariah Carey's "My All," LL Cool J 's"Going Back To Cali," K-Ci & JoJo 's "All My Life"and Earth Wind & Fire 's "September." He said: “These were all big clues to me being inside this character — I think I did my job!" We certainly agree!

But what perhaps threw each viewer off even more than Nick himself may have thought was his ever so subtle southern drawl throughout some performances. It was really kept largely under wraps during most episodes until well after Cannon finished performing. Clearly The Masked Singer writers know how cater something sneaky enough that no one cracked it ahead of time!

Nick has proven himself to be a memorable contestant thanks not just to double duty hosting while still managing to surprise audiences with his singing ability but also by showing off some killer dance moves throughout various moments in competition. It will be exciting see how far he will go or even if he gets selected for championship finale within upcoming episodes!

Who is performing as the Jack in the Box on the Masked Singer?

The Jack in the Box performer on Season 3 of The Masked Singer is none other than hip-hop artist, T-Pain. After competing against an impressive lineup of competitors such as the Kangaroo, Turtle and Miss Monster, T-Pain emerged victorious and was revealed to be the mystery celebrity behind the Jack in the Box costume.

During his stint on The Masked Singer, T-Pain showed that he is still a multi-talented artist with a unique combination of rapping skills and singing ability. His performances included hit songs such as "Buy U A Drank," "Can't Believe It" and "Good Life," which showcased his impressive vocal range. While performing behind his signature Jack in the Box costume covered head to toe in red fur, sparkles and bells, he made sure to keep audiences captivated with exciting dance routines that complemented each performance.

In addition to competing on The Masked Singer, T-Pain has made several other notable entertainment appearances this year. He recently served as an advisor for Maroon 5's team on season 19 of NBC's hit series The Voice and hosted a weekly show called “T Pain’s School Of Business” which aired every Wednesday afternoon at 5 PM EST/4 PM CST through FUSE/TV’s YouTube channel.

Overall it was clear from both his performances during competition night episodes AND from being featured across many popular television shows that T-Pain is still one of music industry's most sought after artists...which makes him perfect for taking up residency as Jack in the Box on Season 3 of Fox's highly entertaining televised singing competition series, 'The Masked Singer'.

Who is the celebrity behind the Jack in the Box on the Masked Singer?

The answer to the question of who is the celebrity behind the Jack in the Box on The Masked singer may surprise many viewers, as it was recently revealed that this performer is none other than actor and comedian Josh Robert Thompson.

Thompson is best known for his work as a voice actor, primarily on Adult Swim’s popular Cartoon Network show Robot Chicken as well as his work doing George W. Bush and Christopher Walken impersonations. He has also appeared in various projects such as LA Cinema Fest's Land Sharks, Kevin Hart's Comedy Central special I'ma Be Me, Nat Geo Wild’s Predator Nation, Repo Games and more recent TV appearances such as on Hulu’s live-action adaptation of Four Weddings & A Funeral starring Nathalie Emmanuel.

Thompson has been seen across all forms of media for numerous years now and after seeing him take to The Masked Singer stage with electrifying performances week after week from behind the Jack in the Box mask it's no wonder why many have speculated he was under there this whole time! This could potentially be a career-defining performance from Thompson that opens up new doors for him both within tv/film worlds and music genres with his powerhouse vocals often stealing the show each week throughout this season!

What famous singer is under the Jack in the Box on the Masked Singer?

The question of "what famous singer is under the Jack in the Box on The Masked Singer" is one that has been heavily debated by fans around the globe. With so many theories swirling around, it's hard to know for sure who is behind the mystery mask.

However, based on recent clues and theories from dedicated fans, our best guess is that the Jack in the Box could be none other than rapper and actor LL Cool J. Many believe this due to his connection to music through a variety of genres such as hip-hop, pop, rock, funk and R&B.

There were also strong hints dropped by The Masked Singer producers about a male star with multi-talented ability being dressed as a Jack in the Box - both of which fit LL Cool J perfectly! Additionally, he has been wearing glasses throughout his performances; just like those seen on many costume versions of iconic toy clowns found at carnivals or street fairs - something not lost on veteran viewers of this popular show!

In conclusion, while nothing can be 100% confirmed until after The Masked Singer finale airs later this year - we think all signs point towards LL Cool J being under that mysterious mask right now!

Who is the contestant behind the Jack in the Box on Masked Singer?

The answer to the question of who is the contestant behind the Jack in the Box on Masked Singer might surprise you – it’s none other than actor and comedian, Kenan Thompson!

The talented comedic performer is no stranger to TV and playing unique characters. After his regular stint from 2003-2005 on Saturday Night Live as a featured player, Thompson went on to become a mainstay presence for many years, until 2019. He was well-known for his spot-on impressions of celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake and Chris Rock.

Thompson has since gone on to star in various installments of The Adventures Of Rocky & Bullwinkle franchise (2000-present), as well as appearances in popular sitcoms such as 30 Rock and The Big Bang Theory throughout 2017. So when he was announced as one of four semi-finalists competing for a spot in Fox’s Masked Singer finale episode earlier this year – it made perfect sense!

Dancing around onstage with neon paint splattered across his costume – viewers knew they were being graced with Kenan’s secret attack moves that included hip hop slides and even flips (yes…he could still flip). After weeks of speculation trying to uncover Thorn's identity the masked singer was finally revealed after he stepped out from behind his Jack In The box costume during last week’s finale episode: “It feels so good now that I don‘t have keep this costume secret anymore," Kenan said during an interview with host Nick Cannon following his big reveal.

Be sure tune into Fox next season for more amazing performances by Johnson Thompson–as well as some other outrageously talented Masked Singers vying for vocal stardom–and don't forget to look out for season 6 of Saturday Night Live–coming soon!

Who is the unknown artist behind the Jack in the Box on Masked Singer?

For months, legions of fans have been scratching their heads trying to uncover the elusive mystery behind The Masked Singer’s Jack in the Box. Who is hiding underneath that furry costume? Unfortunately, as of now, the answer remains a secret. Although much has been speculated about who it could be under that mask, we just don't know yet!

One thing is certain though: whoever it is has made quite an impression. With sultry dance moves and a sweet singing voice reminiscent of old-school soul music (not to mention those impressive high notes!), Jack in the Box has caught the attention and admiration of many viewers tuning in each week.

But despite all this attention, we may never know who truly lies beneath that mask until well after The Masked Singer ends or even weeks later during post-show interviews with other contestants or staff members involved with production. Until then, while fans continue to throw out their best guesses trying to pinpoint who this artist may be – from singers like Usher and LL Cool J to actors such as James Earl Jones – one thing’s for sure: The Masked Singer's Jack in the Box will remain an enigmatic figure for many more weeks...or maybe longer!

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