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The t-shirt cannon is an incredibly popular piece of equipment for teams and organizations looking to make a big impression at their events. But how much does a t-shirt cannon cost? The answer to that depends largely on the features and shooting capability of the particular model.

For the most basic model, you’re probably looking at around $700 to $1000 for a second-hand one. However, for a brand new unit with all the bells and whistles, you could easily be looking at $3000 or more. That doesn’t even include any extra cartridges and air compressors you may need, which can cost another couple hundred dollars on top of that.

If you want to bring your t-shirt cannon game up a notch though, there are more advanced models currently on the market. These higher end models may range between $2000-$5000 depending on the quality, but they typically come with some great (and often unique) features such as controlled wireless firing and multiple barrel designs capable of launching upwards of 100 shirts in one go! Plus they come built with safety features such as low pressure shooting capabilities and automatic shut offs to ensure everyone remains safe while playing with this fun equipment!

At first glance, it may seem like getting yourself a t-shirt cannon is an expensive affair. But at moderate price points these days, it appears that these devices are becoming increasingly popular amongst many different types of teams and organizations who are looking to make those big moments feel even bigger. No matter which type you decide on getting for yourself or your organization, there’s no doubt that owning one is sure to be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved!

How much does a t shirt cannon cost?

A t shirt cannon is an incredibly useful tool for any event, and no matter what kind of use you have in mind, it’s important to understand what it costs. The cost of a t shirt cannon can vary based on several factors such as size, brand, and purpose.

For instance, a professional-grade cannon from a leading manufacturer typically costs anywhere from $500 to $1500 depending on the size and efficiency. On the other hand, more economical alternatives may come in around $200-$300 but will have lower range and accuracy than their pro counterparts. That said, these simpler models that can still work well, particularly if you’re just looking to cover a small area with T-shirts or are limited by budget concerns.

In short, when considering the cost of purchasing a t shirt cannon for your next event, it’s important to factor in the price range of different models as well as the relative accuracy and range in order to get the most value for your money. Research different manufacturers and compare their options before making an informed decision; you’ll be glad you did!

Who sells t shirt cannons?

T-shirt cannons are a great way to create a memorable and exciting experience at an event. Whether it’s a sporting event, concert, or any other type of gathering, t-shirt cannons are sure to add an extra dynamic to the celebration. But who exactly sells t shirt cannons? The answer is: several companies.

National Balloon is one such business that offer an extensive range of balloon and t shirt cannon equipment. They have dedicated staff on hand to help you make the right purchase and also provide custom printing services so that you can have logos or designs printed onto the balloons or t shirts. National Balloon provides solutions for small, medium and large venues and offer bulk discounts for purchases of multiple products.

T Shirt Gunz is another company that specializes in providing high quality t-shirt cannon products for different sized events at competitive prices. As well as providing the products themselves, their experienced team offers rental services and experienced staff to safely operate the equipment during your event. T Shirt Gunz also has flexible payment options that allow customers to budget while still getting access to professional grade equipment.

Overall, those looking to buy t shirt cannons will find that there are a range of companies available who provide excellent service and premium quality equipment at competitive prices. Finding the best supplier for your desired product should be done carefully though as not all provide the same level of service or quality products.

How does a t shirt cannon work?

A t shirt cannon is a tool used for promotional and entertainment purposes, such as at sporting events or concerts. This device is used to quickly and accurately shoot branded t shirts into crowds of people. The device works by propelling a shirt out of the barrel using an explosive mixture of compressed air and propane.

At the barrel's base, highly pressurized air is created using suspended air tanks connected to an ignition system. When the trigger is pulled, a spark from the ignition system ignites the propane gas, resulting in combustion. This causes the pressure inside the barrel to increase rapidly and shoot out whatever has been placed into it with considerable force. The size and power of t shirt cannons depend on the amount of propane used as fuel, making them highly customizable.

While t shirt cannons are typically used to launch clothing items such as T shirts, additional objects can be fired depending on the type of barrel used. Typically these items are relatively lightweight, foam objects like Frisbees or beach balls that produce a fun prize while promoting a brand’s message. Depending on the distance required for launch, there are several types of barrels available to suit different needs; these range from hand-held shells that shoot farther than 20 feet or even devices that launch over 100 feet with enough force to fly over even large crowds!

What size t shirts can a t shirt cannon shoot?

For years, t shirt cannons have been a marvelous staple of public events and promotional gatherings, bringing plain t-shirts to screaming fans with a loud pop and a colorful arc of airborne clothing. These beloved devices generate much excitement and hordes of delighted fans when utilized by professional athletes or at commercial events like music festivals. But what exactly can they shoot?

The answer is not just plain t-shirts; t-shirt cannons are surprisingly versatile and able to discharge tees in almost any size, from the frequently seen adult sizes to much more unusual varieties. Adult sizes vary from S to XXL and come out of the barrel at speeds of around, 70 mph. Smaller items like baby shirts tend to require less powerful charges for firing since they don’t have as much mass or resistance due to their size. Additionally, many t-shirt cannons can also shoot other small items such as hats, plush toys, stuffed animals, seeds and mini beach balls simultaneously with the t-shirts!

Overall, while using an air cannon may initially seem like a one-word affair with simple capability parameters, there is an abundance of diverse multiple choices available when it comes to style variance and brand customization; most importantly however is that these incredible contraptions are truly the lifeblood that add extra zest wherever they are deployed!

Can a t shirt cannon be used in an indoor setting?

A t-shirt cannon can definitely be used in an indoor setting – as long as safety precautions and regulations are considered.

T-shirt cannons have become a commonplace sight at sports games, rallies and performances, where they’re used to launch clothing and assorted items into the atmosphere. Many use compressed air to propel the product from the launcher, meaning that with the right measures of caution and equipment, using a t-shirt cannon indoors is absolutely viable.

Firstly, noise levels must be taken into account. Every venue has different sound regulations (according to location) so you’ll need to ensure that your firing of the t-shirt cannon will not breach these boundaries. The compressed air used in these devices usually produces more transient sound than you anticipate – with 120 decibels being about the industry standard – so ear protection for those directly exposed is essential.

Additionally, fire safety should also be observed. Some launchers are capable of firing items up to fifty metres or more along certain angles so you must carefully measure out exact firing angles as well as make sure combustibles such as paper or plastic aren’t fired in an attempt to get maximum range from the device. Finally, paperwork needs to be completed regarding any licensing or permissions which must be granted by a local authority before it can be used safely in a public place such as a building or theater setting.

By following these simple precautions when deciding whether a t-shirt cannon can be used indoors or not, amazing displays can be organised in any space – making them well worth any hassle!

Are there safety precautions when using a t shirt cannon?

Using a t-shirt cannon is an exciting way to show your enthusiasm for a sports team or any other type of gathering. It’s always a crowd pleaser when t-shirts fly through the air during at a game or party. However, it’s important to remember that there are some potential safety hazards associated with operating one of these devices.

First, it’s essential to remember that t-shirts fired from a t-shirt cannon are fired with considerable force, capable of reaching speeds over 130 feet per second. Therefore, it’s important to avoid aiming the device at people, animals, and valuable property. Like with any projectile, if there is unpredictability in the direction where it lands, those that are close enough could be injured by the ballistic impact of the shirt.

Next, you want to make sure that the compressor and cleaning systems are consistently maintained and operating properly so as not to cause any issues when firing shirts. Additionally, check around the launch area for any objects that could potentially block or ricochet off shirts as they launch out of the barrel resulting in unnecessary harm should they backfire towards spectators or operators.

Finally, although safety regulations vary from state to state and country to country – depending on location – always be mindful of any local laws when using a t-shirt cannon in order to stay compliant and within the confines of what is legal for your area. With proper maintenance and strict adherence these recommended safety regulations, everyone can enjoy shooting flying apparel at sporting events with very minimal risk!

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