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Whether it’s to show your fealty or add a bit of whimsy to your wardrobe, wearing a “Kissed by Dragon Fire” shirt can be a great way to honor the beloved “How to Train Your Dragon” movies. Luckily, fan apparel is widely available. By exploring some of the different options and a few helpful techniques, you can find the perfect clothing to show off your dragon-loving ways.

When it comes stocking up on dragon apparel, you have a few choices. Many stores and fan sites offer shirts that feature some of the franchise’s most iconic designs. This includes everything from printed tees and hoodies to tank tops and long-sleeve shirts emblazoned with screen-accurate imagery from the movies. This type of apparel is especially popular with many fans, as it allows them to proudly wear their favorite moments from HTTYD movies.

If you want something even more unique, there are plenty of custom t-shirt designs available online. Sites like TeeSpring allow customers to design and purchase shirts tailored specifically to their tastes or preferences. You could choose an easily recognizable viking design or go with something more subtle and unexpected like puffy paint lettering or a vinyl press print decal on the chest or sleeve of your shirt for a cool and original look that stands out from other HTTYD fans in the crowd.

Finally, don’t forget about the trusty craft store! If you have some artistic flair (or an item from your local Goodwill store) this method also allows you to customize your How To Train Your Dragon shirt for added flair and personality! For instance, you could add fabric paint or adhesive crafting gems for a flashy Viking feel. Or choose airbrush-styled templates cutouts for unique silhouettes sure to set your ensemble apart from all the other dragon denizens out there!

No matter which path you take— buy ready-made fan apparel or create something totally custom—with these simple tips on hand finding that perfect HTTYD apparel will be easier than ever before! So embrace your inner Viking spirit get ready hit up conventions in style with these great tips for training your dragon–on your shirt!

What shops sell How To Train Your Dragon clothing?

How To Train Your Dragon, or HTTYD as it’s often shortened to, is one of the most beloved animated movies in recent years. It has spawned a devoted fan base and an even bigger demand for the kinds of officially licensed items that represent the iconic characters and their adventures. So, if you’re looking to get your hands on some How To Train Your Dragon clothing, where should you look? Luckily, there are plenty of online and physical locations where anyone can pick up some official HttyD themed garb.

If you find yourself shopping online, some great starting points are sites like and BoxLunch. com. They both have a huge selection of HTTYD apparel with items ranging from pajamas to hats to tank tops and more. If you like shopping from larger retail chains then Walmart is also an option as they offer an extensive selection of clothing options with varying sizes for all How To Train Your Dragon fans out there. For those lucky enough to live near a Hot Topic location, you’ll be able to find even more unique items featuring the film’s signature designs that includes tops, bags and accessories inspired by Hiccup and Toothless.

But if these locations don’t offer quite what you're looking for or are geographically unavailable to visit then never fear! The ideal place to go is always directly to the source: Dreamworks Animation Shop website offers a comprehensive catalogue of How To Train Your Dragon-themed garments that allows you to shop safely online with a wide range of merchandise perfect for any fan! Whether short sleeve tees or long sleeve sweaters emblazoned with your favorite characters prove too be too tempting (we know what it's like!), this is definitely the place for official HTTYD fans alike!

Is there an online store for How To Train Your Dragon merchandise?

Yes, there are several online stores for How To Train Your Dragon merchandise! To start with, Amazon is a great option for purchasing official How To Train Your Dragon toys and collectables. Not only do they have a variety of products at varying price points, but they also offer fast delivery and hassle-free returns. Additionally, Amazon often have sales or discounts available on these products, so you can purchase them at a reasonable cost without having to search multiple online stores.

Another online store offering How to Train Your Dragon merch is Hot Topic. They focus mainly on t-shirts, hoodies and accessories that feature the popular dragon characters from the series — everything from Toothless wearing sunglasses to Hiccup embracing his dragon side. With sizes available in regular, plus and kids sizes, Hot Topic has something for How To Train Your Dragon fans of every age. They also often have discounts on their product page so it’s worth checking out for deals when buying merch.

Licensing is another option when looking for How To Train Your Dragon merchandise. This company sources products from several different official licensors including Lamps Plus and Unique Place Mats - meaning each item that is released under the licensing name matches the level of quality you’d expect from official merchandise from the franchise. Items Licensing offers include wall decals to stationary sets perfect for any fan of the series.

Overall, there are many options when it comes to shopping for How To Train Your Dragon merchandise online! Whether you’re searching for t-shirts, bedding sets or collectables - no matter your budget - make sure to check out these stores next time you’re looking to add something special related to the popular dragon series into your home collection!

What is the price range for How To Train Your Dragon shirts?

If you’re looking for merchandise from the hit movie How To Train Your Dragon, you may be wondering what the price range is for shirts, mugs, and other items. You may be surprised to discover that there is a huge selection of products available with prices to suit any budget.

Shirts featuring your favorite characters from the movie, like Hiccup, Toothless and Astrid, are readily available at a variety of retail stores and online sites. Prices of these shirts range considerably based on size and material used but can generally be found between $10 - $50. Generally speaking you can find quality cotton t-shirts in a variety of sizes starting around $15 with options going up depending on style, brand or licensed product availability.

Fancy something unique? If you have a higher budget, there are more creative options such as custom made Sublimation t-shirts with printed woven patches at budget prices ($25 - $75) or high quality designer fashion pieces from specialty boutiques that go for upwards of $100+.

Regardless of your budget there’s sure to be the perfect How To Train Your Dragon themed shirt out there for you!

What color How To Train Your Dragon t-shirts are available?

Dragon fans can now wear the beloved characters on their chests in the form of colorful t-shirts. Whether you are a fan of Toothless, Astrid or even Hiccup himself, there is something for everyone in the wide selection of How to Train Your Dragon t-shirts.

These shirts come in a variety of colors, both bright and classic. Choose from vibrant reds, classic navy blues and baby pinks. If you go with darker shades such as black or royal blue, the designs are set off by cool pops of color from metallic gold and silver details. For something extra special, there are shirts with graphic prints including images of Toothless and dragons patterns throughout.

If matching outfits is more your style, the selection also contains t-shirt sets featuring matching designs for adults and kids alike. From classic silhouettes to graphic tees featuring fiercely funny dragon quotes, these sets are perfect for an outing as a family. Whether it’s hitting up the latest blockbuster movie or going to an amusement park on vacation, these shirts will ensure that you’ll look your best - all whilst being outfitted in draconic designs!

Does How To Train Your Dragon have a children's clothing line?

The much-loved, award-winning movie franchise How to Train Your Dragon has entertained millions of people around the world with its imaginative story and lovable characters. And it seems the popularity of this hit film is continuing to soar, as fans can now find all manner of dragon-themed merchandise in stores. But does How to Train Your Dragon have a children’s clothing line?

The answer is not a definite yes, but it’s getting pretty close. There are currently collections by several major kids clothing stores featuring movie themed apparel from How to Train Your Dragon. These lines feature cute tops, leggings, dresses, and other pieces printed with dragon characters from the movie and illustrations inspired by the animation style. For the younger children, there’s even cozy pajamas available with colorful pictures and words from the How To Train Your Dragon films.

Currently, clothing featuring characters from the movie is limited mostly to kids sizes, meaning all the littlest dragon fans can dress up just like their favorite heroes. Parents who don’t want to sacrifice style for comfort will be pleased to know that these pieces of clothing are not only warm and comfortable, but also made out of high quality materials that will last long enough for kids too outgrow them!

So while official How To Train Your Dragon children's clothing line does not exist yet, aspiring mini Hiccup fans can still find plenty of options for dressing up like their favorite movie characters.

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