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Costuming for the beloved children’s character Max from “Where the Wild Things Are” is a fun family activity that can help bring this classic book to life. Every child dreams of taming wild rumpus creatures and this costume is a great way to create and encourage imaginative play.

To start, the wildest thing about Max's costume is his iconic wolf suit. Fortunately, these can be found online in various sizes and styles, or they can made with a few pieces of felt. Make sure to get a furry hood, big ears, and an attached tail; don’t forget his crown made of cardboard – it’s an important part of the costume! You can always add a few small details like buttons or ribbons for flair.

Adding to this already fantastic look are some playful accessories. Grab two branches and decorate them with paint or fabric as improvised spears—a great conversation piece for any Wild Thing you might encounter at parties! He might also do well with some wild cuffs in matching felt or a brown cardigan and yellow pants combo.

The final touches on this costume are all about facial expression—Max is constantly expressing himself between happy grins, passioned roars and mischievous glares. Above all else remember this character has strong emotion that should be reflected in your child’s performance—roll up your sleeves and have some fun with it!

Whether you decide to make these costumes yourself or purchase one online there is no doubt you will have a successful Max costume ready before you know it! The iconic “Where the Wild Things Are” story has brought enchantment & deep emotions to many children across generations so why not let your child go deeper into that world with this amazing costume?

materials do I need for a Where the Wild Things Are Max costume?

Creating a Max costume from Maurice Sendak’s beloved children’s book Where the Wild Things Are is a relatively easy and fun project for both children and adults! To make sure you come out looking like a “wild thing”, gather the following essential materials before starting:

First, you need fabric. Get at least ½ yard of yellow fabric for Max’s fur, 1 yard of brown fabric for his “skin”, 1/4 yard of white fur for his inner ears, and 2 small rectangular strips of black fur for his eyes. Additionally, purchase 1/8 yard of velcro to attach the eye pieces to your headgear.

Next, you need to create headgear that resembles Max's iconic wolf-like look. You can use duct tape to insulate two paper plates; you can also use a brown turtleneck sweater to make petals around your face or try using felt or fluffy fabric as well. You can use the extra paper plates afterward to create wild horns for other creatures in your costume troupe.

Finally, gather some crafting materials to spiff up Max's look - craft foam may come in handy here as it can easily be cut into scalable shapes (think crazy claws) and attached with glue gun or glue stick. A white paint pen is also needed to create facial features such as eyes and whiskers!

With these materials in hand (and an adventurous spirit of course) you are ready to embark on an awesome creative adventure and create your own Where the Wild Things Are costume! Be warned: once you dress up like Max no one will be able to resist joining you on this imaginative journey – so make sure you bring along suppliesfor more Wild Thing costumes too!

How do I make a Where the Wild Things Are Max costume?

Where the Wild Things Are Max costume is a great choice for Halloween that can be easily created with everyday materials. Start by finding a pair of brown overalls and white T-shirt to use as the basis for your Max costume. Then, make handmade animal ears to use as headwear. Depending on what size of ears you’d like to create, use paper or fabric; both materials will work well! If you’d like them to be more durable and last through wear and tear, opt for fabric--leather is even an option if you’d like them to look extra posh.

If you plan on creating an elaborate costume, opt for adding fabric accessories such as wings and a tail for Max’s final look. Search for faux fur or faux leather in any shade of gray or other colors that appeal to complete your Where the Wild Things Are look. You can also include various props such as souped-up cups or stacked cardboard boxes labeled “noise-makers” that add an extra dimension of whimsy and nostalgia--just remember not to forget those signature yellow horns!

Last but not least, add wonderful finishing touches of Max make up. Consider lightly smudging face paint around your eyes for an extra wild look! Once completed, you’ll be fully decked out in your very own Where the Wild Things Are costume—perfect for making memories this Halloween season!

Where can I buy a Where the Wild Things Are Max costume?

If you're looking to find a Where the Wild Things Are Max costume, you should know that they won't be sold in your local store. However, the good news is that there are many options available online! In terms of quality, cost and selection it's hard to beat Amazon for adults and kids costumes alike.

Amazon carries a wide selection of Where the Wild Things Are Max costumes for adults and kids. From officially licensed storybook costumes to one-offs from independent sellers, Amazon has something for all budgets. You can also find beautiful handmade custom-made Max costumes from independent designers who make them with attention to detail, right down to the plush wolf's suit.

If you want something even more indicative of the classic character, then check out Etsy as they carry several different versions of fully authentic Max costumes that can be made especially for you according to your size requirements. These masterpieces feature high quality details such as hand-stitched tail hems, suede fabric along the edges and comfortable padding in all strategic places making them truly look like something pulled straight out of a book!

Another great option is costume rental companies like Rent Our Costumes who have huge selections of where the Wild Things Are costumes for both adults and children in all sizes ranging from infant sizes up through plus sizes. This is a great solution for those wanting to save some money or those not wanting to own a Max costume but still want to dress up and have fun!

Regardless of which option you choose, finding and buying or renting a Where the Wild Things Are Max costume couldn't be easier! From handmade custom pieces on Etsy to mass produced ones on Amazon or rentals at costume stores like Rent Our Costumes – there's tons of wild tings outfits available just waiting to take you into your next adventure!

Does the Where the Wild Things Are Max costume come with accessories?

Does the Where the Wild Things Are Max costume come with accessories?

The short answer is yes! The Where the Wild Things Are Max costume is a popular Halloween costume and comes complete with a range of fun accessories, perfect for adults and children alike.

The traditional costume includes coordinating wolf ears, one-piece jumpsuit with tail and snout hood. The hood has embroidered eyes along with other facial features, giving it a neat and authentic look. For extra warmth or to keep out cooler air, you can purchase a faux fur vest made to match the costume—perfect for colder climates or if you plan to wear your costume outdoors!

In addition to the basics, there are special accessories you can buy separately to take your Where the Wild Things Are Max costume up a notch. If you want an extra wild look, why not buy an extra-large crown? Complete with pointed tips and silver trim, this accessory doubles as a superhero cape for playing capes and swords with friends. Meanwhile, little plush moppets add creative flare and some lovable fun for any king or queen of all wild things.

So, whatever your needs may be: unique look, extra warmth or some lovable characters in tow—the Where the Wild Things Are Max costume comes complete with a range of fantastic accessories just waiting to be discovered!

How much does a Where the Wild Things Are Max costume cost?

Where the Wild Things Are is a timeless children’s classic and for many parents, nothing would please their little one more than dressing up as the main character Max. So what does a Max costume cost?

The cost of dressing as Max depends on how detailed you want to make the costume. The simplest Max costume can run you anywhere from $30 to $50. This will generally include just the headpiece and tail, but it may also include an animal hoodie or a t-shirt with animal ears. For more elaborate costumes, such as handmade ones crafted by local costumers, prices can range anywhere from between $200 and $500. These costumes feature detailed design elements such as hand-sewn fur details in Max’s signature color combination of red and white.

If you are looking for top-notch quality for a signature Halloween event, then full custom cosplays can go for as much as $2,000. As cosplay professionals can accommodate any budget, so do inquire if any payment plans are available! A full Max cosplay outfit will likely include custom-made fur or fur fabric details created with artistic quality craftsmanship for shirts or jumpsuits that closely replicate that seen in the book and film depictions of Where the Wild Things Are!

No matter what you decide to spend on your Max costume, one thing is certain - your costume will represent Max with his wild courage in infinite landscapes!

Is there a tutorial for making a Where the Wild Things Are Max costume?

Making a Max costume from the classic children’s book Where The Wild Things Are is a fun way to get into the spirit of Halloween, or just add an extra bit of cuteness to any costume party. Children and adults who want to look like the iconic character will be happy to know that it’s fairly easy to do so with just a few materials. For those looking for a little guidance on how to make their own Max costume, this tutorial will get you started.

The first item of course is the wolf suit, which can easily be made by either buying a brown or gray one-piece fur suit or making one from scratch, using similar materials as would go into making a bear costume or other furry animal. With either option, you'll want to attach ears that are tight enough not so move around much but also made from plush fabrics that won't irritate the skin.

Once you've got your wolf suit done and fitted correctly, it's time for the fun part: accessorizing! To truly nail Max's look, you'll need his signature sunhat. An orange baseball cap would provide an adequate surface for decoration, with strips of white felt for whiskers and yellow and blue felt glued onto it for an eye patch and horns. You'll also need a crown made from either cardboard covered in glitter and fake gems or foam stickers applied to a head band. You may also want to add some face paint details like dots around his eyes or streaks on his cheeks if desired.

With the right supplies in hand, creating your own Where The Wild Things Are Max costume can be relatively simple and satisfying! Have fun!

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