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Where are untuckit shirts made?

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Published: 2020-11-08

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Where are untuckit shirts made?

Untuckit shirts are an iconic fashion statement that blend a casual and professional aesthetic. Designed for those who don’t want to pull down their dress shirt but still want a sleek, untucked appearance, Untuckit has become one of the most sought-after brands in men's clothing. But where exactly are these thoughtfully designed shirts made?

Founded in 2012, Untuckit got its start with two friends designing products to fulfill their own needs around comfort and style. With this in mind, they set out to create the perfect shirt. After two years of trial and error to create the ideal fit and sizing, they turned to Italy for premium fabric and craftsmanship – and then outsourced production to China, leveraging their low-cost manufacturing processes.

From there, each Untuckit garment is designed with quality DNA at the forefront; clean lines, wrinkle free fabrics, modern fits and styling details for added functionality. And not just for men – women love these shirts too! As time progressed, so did their production capabilities by expanding factories into India which can accommodate larger sizes such as 4XL & 5XL.

While there may be other brands that make similar styles of shirts, Untukcit stands out in both the craftsmanship it employs — through the luxurious Italian fabric — as well as the attention to detail present in every garment. In tandem with their quality processes comes unparalleled experience from a team dedicated to finish each article of clothing just right – from two years spent ensuring collar stays tucked without compromising comfortability or style.

In conclusion, while Untuckit's international footprint has diversified over time (beginning with Italian production and expanding further into China & India), one thing remains constant – its North American location which allows you to try on before you buy ensuring quality assurance at an unparalleled level of comfort when your shirt is worn untucked!

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What countries manufacture Untuckit shirts?

Untuckit shirts are renowned for their modern yet comfortable button-up style and have become increasingly popular. Contemporary fashionistas from around the world simply love their timeless designs. But did you know where these shirts originate from?

Surprisingly, Untuckit fabricates all of its apparel in numerous countries across the globe. Some of their major production sites include Central America, Mexico, Pacific Asia (Vietnam), East Asia (China) and Pakistan. In addition to this, they also have multiple workspaces located in the Caribbean basin region and in West Africa, thus giving them a larger reach and efficiency across different markets.

What’s even more impressive is that they use the most refined fabrics such as linen-blend cloths, virgin wool or cotton flannel as well as 100% pima cotton. All of these materials are sourced from reliable international suppliers and then filtered through a scrutiny process to ensure quality assurance on all produced garments.

As a result of this masterful combination between skilled workers in strategic locations worldwide along with top notch fabrics — those who choose to flaunt a piece from one of their signature collections would definitely be doing so with the highest confidence that it was produced by strictly ethical means!

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Which factories produce Untuckit clothing?

Untuckit is quickly becoming the go-to clothing line for men who are looking for stylish and comfortable pieces that can transition well from the office to a night out. The company has since gained immense popularity due to its signature wrinkle-free shirts and its commitment to quality fabrics and craftsmanship. All of their apparel is made in factories in Honduras, Mexico, and Macau. The Honduras-based factory is located in the Choluteca department and produces all of Untuckit’s buttons down shirts, polos, and henleys. The factory employs hundreds of talented workers with generations of experience in apparel construction, from cutting fabric to sewing hemlines with extensive attention to detail. The Honduran factory also implements stringent measures such as toxin testing for all incoming fabrics before receiving approval for larger production orders. The Macau factory was chosen by Untuckit due to their expertise when it comes to garment dyeing, which produces vibrancy and a unique textile feel that they’re able to replicate across their collections. This facility also specializes in Japanese garment washed seersucker design processes creating signature Untuckit summer looks with refreshing colors every season. In Mexico, the team produces all lightweight woven materials such as our polo shirt collection which feature quick-drying technology ideal for warm weather conditions. They also specialize in stretch twills creating form fitting silhouettes that are exceedingly popular among consumers throughout the world. The Mexican facility also sets itself apart through their emphasis on exceptional quality control procedures ensuring each shipment meets high standards of excellence prior to ever reaching customers. In short, Untuckit makes sure each individual product lives up to their strictest criteria regarding garment craftsmanship by producing their collection in three different factories located in Honduras, Mexico, and Macau — all while upholding ethical social standards within these factories around the world!

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Who manufactures Untuckit apparel?

Untuckit apparel is a clothing brand that specializes in creating styles "made to be worn untucked." The 2016 start-up creation based in New York City has quickly gained popularity amongst men, striving to achieve the nonchalant, 'untucked' style. But have you ever wondered who is the brains and craftsmanship behind the brand?

Unlike most popular fashion labels, Untuckit isn't just one designer's label and instead works with a variety of manufacturers around the globe. While some of its apparel is made in China and India, a bulk of their production is done in Mexico and Vietnam. The styles of their shirts are all designed from their headquarters in New York City using cotton fabric sourced from all over the world. Once a shirt style is created and ready for production, it will travel across to one of their many factories in Mexico or Vietnam where it will then be tailored into perfection and shipped off for distribution ready for customers to untuck!

By working with various factories around the world, Untuckit has been able to maintain an affordable price range while still providing high quality products. This allows customers from all over to get a taste of "untucked" style while also saving some money—all thanks to the manufacturers behind Untuckit apparel.

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What cities are Untuckit shirts made in?

Untuckit, a popular apparel brand specializing in tailored shirts with shorter lengths, is proud to produce all of their quality garments in the United States. In fact, the company increasingly focuses its production on American manufacturing with two main facilities located in North Bergen, New Jersey and Lumberton, North Carolina.

At the Lumberton facility - an 80,000 square foot sewing and distribution center - more than 5.5 million shirts are manufactured annually with a workforce of over 600 employees. Here each shirt is hand-cut, cutex stitched and then washed to an exact finish before being shipped out to customers worldwide.

On the other end of the country, their facility in New Jersey has been outfitted with some of the most advanced robotic technology so that the production line can have more speed and efficiency while still keeping a close eye on quality control. Each shirt is expertly reviewed and measured by hand during certain stages of its production process making sure that UntuckIt delivers only premium garments to its customers every time.

By maintaining domestic manufacturing for their shirts, UntuckIt not only supports American jobs but also guarantees superior quality as well as timely delivery for their customers!

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What sourcing and production partners provide materials for Untuckit clothing?

UnTuckit Clothing is a popular apparel brand that produces clothing items such as shirts, sweaters, and shorts. As of 2019, millions of pieces of clothing have been sold worldwide. While recognize for its innovative and stylish designs, UnTuckit also prides itself in ensuring the highest quality garments by sourcing and partnering with the best suppliers to acquire materials.

UnTuckit partners with multiple sources to produce their clothing collection. The most extensive supplier for all UnTuckit garments is Portuguese-based Eurofibras Group, who provides the majority of cotton and elastane fabrics used in their products such as t-shirts, jerseys, shirts and shorts. In addition to Eurofibras, there are several Chinese suppliers who provide materials for specific pieces in their collection such as Oxford Shirts and Chino Shorts. These Chinese suppliers also specialize in quality fabric dyes that are imported from leading European markets to ensure full vibrancy and quality of all dyes on each garment produced.

UnTuckit Clothing also places great attention on their production process, by continuing to partner solely with family owned factories located in Portugal since 2016. The main purpose of this is to assure optimal conditions for its employees while ensuring best practices are met throughout the production process. This allows UnTuckit to remain dedicated to giving customers a product made out of premium quality materials which is ultimately stylish and comfortable when worn.

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How is the quality of Untuckit shirts controlled?

Quality control is a truly essential part of the production process, and having a top-notch product depends on it. When it comes to Untuckit shirts, the brand ensures their shirts are up to par through rigorous quality control measures.

First and foremost, Untuckit only sources high-grade fabrics like Supima cotton which is long-staple, durable and soft. To guarantee the highest quality of these fabrics, each fabric batch that is supplied to Untuckit goes through a multi-step inspection process to ensure its quality and consistency are up to the company's standards. Additionally, all in-house cut and sew operations go through multiple rounds of inspections by trained technicians - this prevents any errors from making it out of the factory and into your closet.

Furthermore, each shirt produced by Untuckit goes through an additional level of testing that inspects both the design elements such as dimension and structure as well as significant comfort indicators such as anti-fading and shrinkage capabilities. Finally, the genius behind Untuckit’s non-tucking feature comes down to careful seam construction - along with a heavy duty line of stitching so that these seams remain intact during washing cycles and wear over time. All in all, combined with their devotion to superior cuts, materials, and detailing - this stringent approach to quality control is what makes every single Untuckit shirt phenomenal.

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Related Questions

What is Untuckit?

Untuckit is a lifestyle clothing brand designed to make untucked shirts look great.

How many Untuckit stores are there?

There are currently over 70 Untuckit stores around the world.

What is an untucked shirt?

An untucked shirt is a casual shirt that is not tucked into one's pants or skirts and usually worn with jeans, shorts, or khakis

Why did we start untucked?

We started Untuckit to provide men with an alternative way of dressing that has style and confidence while looking tailored but still feeling relaxed and comfortable.

What is an Untuckit shirt?

An Untuckit shirt is designed to be worn untucked and have features like shorter hemlines, strategic taperings, hidden buttons, French seams, etc..

How much does Untuckit cost?

Prices vary from $58 -228 depending on fabric & detailing selected for each item purchased from the online store wwwuntuckitcom

Is Untuckit a good brand for women?

Yes, Untuckit is a good brand for women.

How do I find Untuckit?

You can find Untuckit online or in select stores around the world.

How much does an Untuckit shirt cost?

An Untuckit shirt typically costs between $68 and $98 USD.

What is the Untuckit women's collection?

The Untuckit Women's Collection features shirts, blouses, sweaters, wraps, jackets and care accessories crafted specifically for women's bodies with many fabric options to choose from like linen and ribbed knit cotton.

Does Untuckit offer free returns?

Yes, Unstitched offers free returns for all US orders of full-priced items within 30 days of purchase or delivery date if using standard ground shipping option at checkout; applicable exceptions may apply due to local restrictions or product availability rules set by certain carriers (i.e., FedEx).

What is the ideal shirt length for untucked shirts?

ideal shirt length for untucked shirts is just below your hip bones so that your shirt looks effortless when un-tucked yet still provides sufficient coverage when standing up straight while wearing trousers or skirts simultaneously - trying on different sizes to see which fits best is also advised!

How long should an untucked ocbd shirt be?

An untucked ocbd shirt should come to the middle of the zipper or belt buckle.

Are untucked shirts fashionable?

Yes, untucked shirts can be fashionable when paired with the right items and in a casual setting.

Should the shirt be tucked or untucked?

The choice between tucking and not tucking boils down to personal preference; regardless of style or fashion convention, it is ultimately up to the individual wearer's discretion as there are valid reasons for both styles!

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