How Much Is a Suite at Wrigley Field?

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If you’re looking for a unique, luxurious experience at Wrigley Field, consider renting a skybox suite. The exact prices can vary greatly depending on the day and opponent for the game; however, it’s not uncommon to find suites ranging from $1,000 - $8,000 or more per game. The higher-end suites tend to offer more amenities such as complimentary food and beverage packages, private restrooms, in-suite catering options, sound systems and reserved parking passes.

No matter what your budget may be for a Wrigley Field suite rental package you're sure to feel like part of the experience as you watch your favorite baseball team live up close. With widows surrounded by ivy-covered walls overlooking home plate—you'll get an exclusive view of one Chicago's greatest landmarks while enjoying all of modern luxuries available within your own private suite!

What is the cost of a single suite at Wrigley Field?

If you are looking for the prime real estate of watching a game at Wrigley Field, be prepared to pay top dollar. The cost of a single suite at Wrigley Field varies greatly depending on the type, size, features and amenities included in the package.

The least expensive suites start at around $8500 per game. These standard suites come with 24 tickets and 3 VIP parking passes along with complimentary catering service. They also have indoor and outdoor seating available as well as comfortable seating for up to 24 guests located in a private area away from the hustle and bustle of other fans.

For an upgrade to more premium options you can get larger suites that hold up to 40 people or executive club level Executive Suites which offer premium amenities such as outdoor balconies or terraces overlooking the field and indoor lounge areas with tableside concession services available throughout the entire game. These higher-end suites typically range between $25,000 - $50,000 per event depending on day/time of year and special events taking place prior or during games such as concerts etc..

The cost would also vary depending if you purchase a full season package, various premium packages ranging from 6-8 games or opting for pick your own games throughout their 81 home game schedule year round. Ultimately every fan has different needs when it comes to ticket preferences so speaking directly with their sales team can give more clarity when it comes down deciding what kind suite is best for your experience budget here at Wrigley Field!

How much does it cost to rent a luxury suite at Wrigley Field?

If you are looking to rent a luxury suite at Wrigley Field, you’re in luck because there are many options available. For most events taking place at the iconic Chicago ballpark, tickets to luxury suites can range anywhere from $2,000 - $6,500 depending on size and location of the suite.

You will not only get tickets for the event but also an all-inclusive experience that features an upscale atmosphere and plenty of amenities. When renting an indoor suite with air conditioning and heating units, you’ll be able to enjoy modern technology with HDTVs inside the private area. Included in this cost is catering featuring exclusive items prepared by celebrity chefs such as Wolfgang Puck or Michael Jordan Steakhouse from Renaissance Hotel nearby. Furthermore, VIP entrances and guests spots available so that your friends can join in on your luxury experience!

While a luxury suite rental may seem expensive it definitely pays for itself if you go for it – especially when considering the all inclusive package mentioned earlier! A great perk about hosting in one of these private boxes is that it comes with exclusive rights to use any memorabilia inside like autographed balls or signed jerseys. No matter what event is taking place at Wrigley Field, having access to one of these magnificent suites'll be sure make your special moment more memorable than anything else!

What amenities come with a Wrigley Field suite?

Wrigley Field, the iconic home of the Chicago Cubs, offers an incredibly unique experience for sports fans. Whether you’re watching a thrilling game from the comfort of your suite or cheering on your favorite team with fellow fans on the terrace level, there are many incredible amenities available to help make your visit even more memorable.

A Wrigley Field suite provides an unforgettable VIP experience that includes comfortable seating for up to 26 people and spacious areas for socializing and entertaining. Each luxe suite also contains televisions with access to multiple streaming services, as well as Internet access so guests can browse scores and stats during breaks in play. A wide range of food and beverage options – including wine, beer, spirits, additional beverages few snacks – are also made available within each suite.

Beyond premium amenities such as modern decorations and high-end seating options, some suites come with parking passes providing easy access into Wrigley Field’s adjoining lot as well as waitstaff assistance for stocking food/beverage items throughout your stay. Other extras may also include private porch areas overlooking the field or special gifts from wristbands to autographed baseballs from popular players realted to a certain game/event taking place at Wrigley Field!

For those lucky enough to have reserved a Suite at historic Wrigley Field the overall experience will surely be one they won't soon forget!

What is the capacity of a suite at Wrigley Field?

At Wrigley Field, suite capacity is determined by the type of suite you choose. The EMC Club, Lexus Dugout Club, and some Special Event Suites can hold up to 56 guests. Other suites like the Credit Union Suite and Bank of America Suite can hold anywhere from 16-48 people depending on the configuration. For outdoor deck suites overlooking iconic views of Wrigley Field, they typically seat 12-24 people while providing plenty of standing room for large groups.

No matter what kind of suite you have in mind at Wrigley Field, you can rest assured that there’s enough room to comfortably accommodate your entire party (and more!). If you decide to host an exclusive gathering or corporate event at one of their premier suites for a memorable ballpark experience, skilled event professionals are available to assist with all your needs from catering orders to AV equipment setup. With an array of seating options – from floor cushions on field level decks down the first base line in foul territory all the way up to box seats located just behind home plate – they’re able to tailor any type of event according special venue requirements and client desires.

From luxury boxes filled with amenities like flat screen TVs and Wi-Fi access paired with upscale dining options catered right inside your own secret six club levels within five tailored levels offering unique experiences that can only be found here—Wrigley Field caters experiences not soon forgotten!

Are there any discounts available on suites at Wrigley Field?

Are you looking for a discounted suite to enjoy a Wrigley Field experience with your friends and family? Well, you're in luck! Wrigley Field offers some great discounts on suites throughout the season.

The Chicago Cubs offer exclusive suite deals that are not available anywhere else. From multi-game packages to special events, there's something for everyone. Packages range from the basic one-time options to full season package deals - giving fans the flexibility they desire. Whether it's a company outing or just a gathering of friends, these discounted packages provide savings up to 20 percent off inside The park.

If you're an ardent Cubs fan who wants an enhanced experience of the game, investing in one of these suite packages could be a great opportunity. The fully furnished private viewing areas give guests access to all amenities –including luxury leather seating and high-end food and drink offerings – at highly reduced rates when purchased as part of a package deal or through multiple game plan arrangements.. With personalized service for up to 40 guests included in each reservation, it can help make any event memorable.

For those seeking more thrills beyond the ballpark itself,Wrigley has expanded its entertainment repertoire with top class restaurants & bars located near The field. Avail ‘Seasonal Suites’ which include patio seating areas attached with certain popular spots close by that make your overall experience truly enjoyable. Special discounts ranging from 25 percent off usual ticket prices up too sometimes even 50%off have been reported which helps change this exclusive access into something more pocket friendly than ever before.

To ensure best rates when looking for discounted suites at Wrigley Field, always make sure to check out their promotions page ahead of time as frequent seasonal promotions occur making them almost timely gets!

What is the cancellation policy for suites at Wrigley Field?

When it comes to suites at Wrigley Field, the Chicago Cubs have a strict cancellation policy. In order for guests to cancel their reservation and receive a refund, they must notify the Box Office three days in advance of the scheduled event or game day. There are no exceptions or grace periods given; cancellations must occur within 72 hours.

The refund that is received may depend on when the suite is canceled as well as other conditions outlined in each individual suite agreement. Cancellations made within 24 hours are subject to a full forfeiture of costs associated with the booking while cancellations made between 24 and 72 hours may still incur partial charges depending on the agreement terms and related dates of purchase/reservation: additionally, some fees such as ticket printing and processing fees are non-refundable regardless of when a cancellation occurs.

It’s important for guests looking to book suites at Wrigley Field be aware of these policies prior to reserving their space as there will be no return once payment has been made without following this cancellation process laid out by the team.

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