What to Put on Top of Toilet Tank?

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Organizing the inside of a toilet tank can seem like an intimidating task, but there are plenty of easy and creative solutions out there that can make it look like you have your chaos under control. One of the most popular things to put on top of a toilet tank is planters. Succulents and other small, easy to care for plants create a beautiful living addition to the space, creating an oasis in the bathroom. Moreover, some plants have natural air purifying abilities which is an added bonus!

If plants don’t spark your interest, using storage baskets is another great way to organize the top of your toilet tank. Have one basket for all of those spare rollers or store them in individual ones. It’s a great way to keep these items organized and off counters or floors which can help prevent clutter in your bathroom. Plus, if you change out seasonal towels or supplies these baskets make it easy to switch between seasons!

One of the more unique options for storing items on top of your toilet tank is a floating shelf. It’s a great solution if you don’t want to use baskets or plants due its neutral look and design but still want something stylish like reclaimed wood or marble shelves available in stores today. With its modern look you can easily store essential items like extra tissue boxes, hand soap, potpourri and more while creating an aesthetically pleasing spot in your bathroom.

No matter what option you choose for organizing on top of your toilet tank- planters, storage baskets, floating shelves- make sure it fits with the rest of your bathroom décor while also being functional enough to contain all of your beauty essentials. Try something new this season and see how these creative solutions transform an otherwise small space into a multifunctional oasis!

What are some decorative items for the top of a toilet tank?

If you're trying to spruce up the look of your bathroom, adding a few decorative items to the top of your toilet tank is a great way to do it. There are a lot of different options available, from simple floral displays and artificial plants to fun and colorful items like seashells or figurines. You can also add some height by placing a candleholder or vase on the tank top. Here are some great decorative items for the top of your toilet tank:

1. Floral Bouquets – A bright and cheery bouquet can bring life to any room! Choose either real or artificial flowers depending on how much maintenance you want to take care of; both look equally beautiful.

2. Candleholders – If you want an elegant glow in your bathroom, pick four small glass holders and place them on each corner of the tank top. Use votive candles in different colors, sizes and scents for an even prettier look.

3. Vases – Have fun creating eye-catching centerpieces with tall vases in vibrant hues like hot pink or orange, or choose classic tall white ceramic ones instead. Fill them with dried blooms or floating candles for maximum effect!

4. Figurines – Collectibles are also great for topping off your toilet tank! You can choose small water-safe figurines such as animals or people that reflect your personality and style, making this piece truly unique for your home decor.

5 Seashells – Amongst all these decorations, natural elements such as shells are definitely the most interesting choice! Arrange a bowlful of pretty seashells at the center of your toilet tank - they will certainly draw attention while adding an original touch to this area in your bathroom!

Are there any good storage solutions for the top of a toilet tank?

If you're looking for clever storage solutions for the top of a toilet tank, you're in luck! There are many different storage options available to make the most of your limited bathroom space and keep your bathroom looking tidy and organized.

One of the most popular storage solutions is making use of magazine holders. They are slim and slender, so they fit easily on top of your toilet tank without taking up too much room. They also instantly declutter any visible mess, as you can neatly store any magazines, newspapers or books inside. If you're looking to avoid visual clutter completely, you can opt for designer magazine holders in a chic style and neutral colour so they blend into your existing interior design.

Another unique storage idea is to hang baskets on either side of the tank. This will make good use of vertical space without overcrowding your bathroom too much. You could even extend this concept and hang small wicker trays with handles from hooks if works better for your needs. This allows you to store shampoo bottles, toilet paper rolls and numerous other essentials on the walls above the toilet tank without taking up valuable floor space for a cabinet or shelf.

Whatever style or look you’re going for in your bathroom, there are plenty of creative toilet tank storage solutions that look great without compromising on practicality.

What are some unique items to add to the top of a toilet tank?

Adding decorative pieces to the top of your toilet tank is a creative way to add personality to your bathroom, and it can make all the difference in the overall look and feel of the room. So, what are some unique items that would be perfect for this purpose? Here are few ideas to get you started:

1. Shells and sea glass: Adding shells and other beach-inspired decorations like sea glass is a great way to create a relaxing bath time atmosphere. Choose shells that have interesting shapes or colors, or arrange small pieces of sea glass atop a succulent plant for an eye-catching display.

2. Fragrant flowers: Place fresh flowers like roses or lilies atop the toilet tank for a fragrant addition that adds a great deal of character to the space. For an even more unique look, try adding painted flowers instead of real ones; you can paint your own styles or purchase pre-painted flowers from craft stores, giving extra color and flair to your bathroom.

3. Vintage trinkets: Collectible vases, teapots, frames or figurines are perfect pieces for the top of your toilet tank. These trinkets create an interesting contrast between glossy porcelain and whichever ornamental item you choose – plus their uniqueness will surely draw attention!

Whether you’re looking for something classic or something out of the ordinary, these ideas provide plenty of inspiration when it comes to dressing up your home’s lavatory area! With just a few simple decorations, you can give new life to this oft-neglected room while showing off your creativity in style!

Are there any easy ways to decorate the top of a toilet tank?

Decorating the top of a toilet tank often poses an interesting challenge. With such a small space, it can be difficult to fit in even the simplest decorations. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to make your toilet tank look like more than just a plain piece of porcelain.

One great way to decorate the top of a toilet tank is with colorful vinyl decals. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, decals Stick easily to most surfaces and give you an opportunity to express yourself without taking up too much space or making a permanent change to your bathroom’s appearance. Decals are also quite inexpensive, so you can easily change them up when you get tired of the design.

A foliage plant is also an excellent way to decorate the top of your toilet tank. Many species are small enough that they take little room yet manage to add much needed hints of greenery and life into any space. If you have limited access to sunlight in your bathroom, consider opting for succulents or cacti which tend not require light for growth and only need minimal watering now and again; perfect for people without green thumbs! Plants are also great all-season decorations; adding extra color, texture, and depth all year around!

Ultimately adding decorative touches to the top of your toilet tank can be both creative fullfilling as well as economical. By playing around with decals one can easily customize their toilets without breaking any budgets or rules!

Are there any items that shouldn't be placed on the top of a toilet tank?

When it comes to the items we have around our bathroom, the placement of these items is incredibly important - particularly when it comes to the toilet tank. The tank is a crucial part of any toilet and taking care to ensure it runs properly is important, with some items posing a definite risk when placed on top of the toilet tank.

Certain types of liquid soaps, for example, can be corrosive and cause damage to the internal working components of the toilet - something you definitely don't want. Similarly, heavier items that can obstruct the fill valve or interfere with the function of toilet flapper should be avoided; this includes tissue boxes, candles and other bathroom decor.

Another item to watch out for are air fresheners that come with a foam mount which can leave residue inside of the tank - one more potential issue you don't want! In general, it's best to keep any kind of material off your toilet tank; this helps reduce your chances in experiencing a costly repair in addition to keep your toilet operating correctly.

What are some creative uses for the space on top of a toilet tank?

The area on top of a toilet tank is often overlooked as unusable space in the bathroom, but it can actually be utilized in many creative ways. With a few inspiring ideas, you can turn this tiny area into a useful and stylish part of your home decor.

One way to maximize space on top of the toilet tank is to install shelving. Shelving can provide additional storage for small items such as soaps, candles, towels and more. Not only will this help keep your bathroom neat and clutter-free, it will also add texture and colour to the room.

A second way to use the space above the toilet tank is to install a small shelf with art or framed pictures. This can instantly liven up an otherwise dull or boring wall by adding visual interest. You could also hang a decorative mirror from above for an elegant touch that both adds style and helps reflect light around the room.

An unexpected yet practical use for this extra space is to put up a basket for extra toilet paper rolls or other bathroom supplies. This makes them easily accessible while keeping them stored off the ground, saving valuable floor space in small bathrooms.

Overall, there are many creative possibilities for making use of the area above your toilet tank such as shelving, artwork displays and storage baskets. Why not get imaginative with this forgotten spot and transform it into something special!

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