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What we do in the shadows shirt?

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Published: 2021-05-01

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What we do in the shadows shirt?

If you’re a fan of horror comedy films, then you may have heard of the 2014 mockumentary “What We Do in the Shadows.” The film follows four vampires living in a Wellington flat – Viago (Taika Waititi), Vladislav (Jemaine Clement), Deacon (Jonathan Brugh), and Petyr (Ben Fransham) – as they navigate life in the vampire underworld. The film has since spawned an FX television series of the same name and has become a cult favorite around the world.

Whether you’ve seen either version or not, you may want to show off your fandom with a “What We Do in the Shadows” shirt. But never fear, Vampires! There are lots of fun options available that will let you express your love for this hilarious spook-tacular classic.

One option is to go for a straightforward “What We Do in the Shadows” t-shirt that directly references either version of the film or TV show, featuring any one of its main characters on it. This would be great for Cosplay events and conventions where many people could recognize your tribute. You can find these versions online from retailers like Redbubble or prepared consumer products sites like Teepublic.

On the other hand – in case you want to be subtle about your fandom – there are also prints with more veiled inscriptions like "The Night is Still Young" or "You Are Asleep". These stylish designs tailored after gothic aesthetics can serve as metaphors when talking about how difficult it is to stay awake when death is so close by. These shirts can help remind us what happens under cover of dark while still looking really fresh and sleek at any event!

No matter which type of design you opt for, rocking a “What We Do In The Shadows” shirt is sure to get some attention and serve as a recognizable token if someone wants to know more about your specific cult favorites among horror comedy films!

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What designs are available for What We Do in the Shadows shirts?

What We Do in the Shadows shirts are more than just a fun fashion statement. They are a bold and playful way of showing support for one of the most critically acclaimed comedy shows of the last decade. The show has inspired some amazing t-shirt designs, ranging from the classic emblems to bold prints that capture the very essence of the show.

The official What We Do in the Shadows website offers an array of distinct designs, embroidered crewneck sweaters, comfortable raglan hoodies, and other pieces of stylish clothing. You can find designs featuring eye-catching catchphrases like "You Missed Work Again?" and "I'm No One". And you can choose between black and white fibers with embroidery representing different characters from the show, from Laszlo to Nadja. It’s also possible to find design featuring seasonal horror-themed artwork such as pumpkins and vampires.

For those who prefer something edgier, there is an abundance of unique designs inspired by metalhead subculture with skulls, crossbones, and stylized logo symbols. You won't have to worry about you looking like everyone else, as these design incorporate motifs inspired by horror movie icons such as Freddy Krueger and Regan MacNeil.

So if you're looking for unique wear that truly stands out then look no further than What We Do in The Shadows t shirts! There's a plethora of designs available, so go ahead and pick your favorites!

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Who makes What We Do in the Shadows t-shirts?

What We Do in the Shadows, the hit horror mockumentary and television series, has become a pop culture phenomenon that celebrates the absurd and often hilarious goings-on of a group of vampires living in modern day Wellington, New Zealand. From endless quotable lines to funny visual gags and delightfully campy performances, the show has resonated with viewers all over the globe. That’s why it comes as no surprise that What We Do in the Shadows t-shirts can be found all over the web. The original t-shirts for What We Do in the Shadows television series have been made by an independent apparel company called Moteefe whose specialty lies within community driven fashion: listening to customers and turning their ideas into trendy pieces of apparel. These officially licensed t-shirts feature creative designs such as fan favorite characters Nandor, Laszlo and Nadja sporting their usual midnight garbs as well as some clever twist on popular vampire tropes. Alternatively, there are several independent stores across Etsy selling handmade shirts inspired by What We Do in the Shadows with even more fun designs! You can find a whole array of sassy graphic tees that showcase some incredibly funny phrases like “Let’s Get Silly (With Blood)” or unconventional takes on classic vampire silhouettes with different colors and backgrounds. Either way, no matter what kind of unique style you’re looking for in a What We Do in the Shadows t-shirt, you are sure to find something out there to suit your tastes!

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Are there any special edition What We Do in the Shadows shirts?

When it comes to celebrating the world’s most popular Shows, it can be hard not to jump in on the fun. The popular FX show What We Do in the Shadows has taken fans by storm and with season 3 now on the way, many people are looking for some new special edition swag. Luckily, fans of the supernatural show can treat themselves with special edition What We Do in The Shadows shirts.

Fans of the series no longer have to settle for just any ole t-shirt featuring their favorite characters. Now, they can buy one-of-a-kind shirts that come with exclusive details and colors only available through chosen locations. Though you may have first seen them offered via the official website store, you can now find these special edition shirts at select retailers as well.

The most recent edition of special edition What We Do in The Shadows has been seen at Hot Topic stores around North America as well as online through their website as part of a limited selection run that is sure to get snatched up fast. Also, independent merch dealers such as RedBubble have created several versions of the shirts from fan art that offer unique styles and colors alongside simple design choices like tank tops and quarter length sleeves for those who are feeling extra festive about donning their best swag for FX’s hit supernatural show.

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Do any stores carry What We Do in the Shadows shirts?

When it comes to fan merchandise, few series compare to What We Do in the Shadows. The quirky horror comedy show is beloved by many, and of course it’s only natural that fans would want to show their appreciation and support by sporting some officially branded apparel. The good news is that there are plenty of stores that carry official merchandise featuring the show.

Karol_C Clothing has an extensive range of clothing inspired by What We do in the Shadows, including baseball tees, hoodies, beanies and more. All of their garments are made of premium quality materials for a comfortable fit. Furthermore, their products feature images from different scenes as well as iconic quotes from the characters. Those looking for a more subtle way to dress like their favorite vampires can opt for accessories such as keychains, phone cases and backpacks which also feature designs from the show.

However, if you’re looking for a wide selection of officially licensed What We Do in the Shadows tees then you might want to check out TeePublic. They have some incredibly stylish t-shirts featuring classic imagery such as Jack’s famous headstone or Teddy's infamous fangs. Plus, they offer some unique designs including styles based on Laszlo’s signet ring or Nandor's tattoos. Whatever style you’re looking for TeePublic will surely have something suitable!

All in all, it’s easy to find official What We do in the Shadows apparel because nowadays there several stores offering stylish pieces with iconic imagery from the show!

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Is there a way to get a customized What We Do in the Shadows t-shirt?

Customization is an ever-growing trend, as people want to stand out and wear unique items that nobody else has. One example of this is budding into personalizing merchandise from popular shows like What We Do in the Shadows. Fans of the show may have noticed that the show’s official merchandise doesn’t have quite the flair you might find on something personalized for you, so here come a few steps to getting a customized t-shirt with themes from the show.

First, start shopping for a t-shirt. Search for places that let you customize apparel and receive your order in a timely manner. Remember to look out for quality materials and customer reviews when picking your store. After selecting your shirt, unleash your creativity by designing the artwork and text yourself. Many online stores provide tools specifically made to help ordinary people create unique designs with ease – even if they don’t have any prior design experience! If you need inspiration, look around at fan art inspired by What We Do in the Shadows and pick some core elements such as characters or symbols to make it specific to the show. Finally, stand out even further by making small additions such as fabric markers or decals to truly make it one of a kind – just like Vladislav's hair.

Getting a customized What We Do in the Shadows t-shirt is very much within reach! With just a few simple steps you can have an original item full of reminders of your fandom for years to come.

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